What Happens During a Tire Alignment?

When you take your vehicle to a local tire alignment shop, a series of precise adjustments are made to ensure that your wheels are properly aligned with each other and your vehicle’s specifications. This process involves three main steps to ensure a smooth and safe ride.

First, the technician will inspect the current alignment of your wheels. This involves checking the camber, caster, and toe angles to determine if they are within the manufacturer’s recommended specifications.

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Wheels out of alignment can result in uneven wear and handling issues.

Next, adjustments are made to bring your wheels into alignment. This typically involves adjusting the camber, caster, and toe angles to match the vehicle’s specifications. The technician uses specialized equipment to make these adjustments, ensuring that the wheels are properly aligned with each other and the vehicle’s frame.

Once the adjustments are complete, a final check is performed to verify that the wheels are now properly aligned. This involves driving the vehicle to test its handling and ensuring that it tracks straight without veering to one side. If any issues are detected, further adjustments are made until the alignment is spot on.

Proper alignment not only extends the life of your wheels but also improves handling and safety. If you see uneven tire wear or your vehicle pulling to one side, it’s essential to have a professional local tire alignment to resolve the issue and have your vehicle running smoothly.


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