The Basic Principles of Auto Dent Repair for Foreign and Domestic Vehicles

PDR stands for paintless dent repair, and you can train to learn how to do these services online. As the video mentions, you get noticeable good results that make customers happy.

PDR Applications

There are specific methods for accomplishing dent removal. They can include using a line board and special auto repair hammering tool to perform the task.

The line board is reflected into the surface or panel of the vehicle to show where there are imperfections and to use as a guide while performing the service.

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Using the Line Board

The line board will reflect as a high spot on the lines if a raised area is on the vehicle’s surface. If a dent exists, the lines will be warped and further apart.

The idea is to tap out the lines from underneath or above to create an evenly smooth surface. Using this method allows you to easily identify imperfections in the surface and work with the exterior material of the car to repair it to perfection.


If you’re interested in learning how to do PDR, a wealth of resources online can teach you the concepts and principles associated with these repairs. You can use these techniques to expand your knowledge base and offer additional repair services at your local auto dent repair company.

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