Tips for Proper Trailer Sway Control Hitch Attachment

There are some very specific dimensions that you should use when working on a trailer sway control hitch. It is important to make sure you are using those dimensions to your advantage. Work on keeping the brackets set about 27 to 32 inches away from the center of the trailer coupler.

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That will help you keep everything safe and make sure you are able to get the hitch attachment set up exactly how it needs to be set up.

Make sure you are keeping the trailer hitch in mind as you set yourself up with what you need out of the trailer hitch that you have set up for yourself. Think carefully about how the trailer sway control hitch will help you be able to load and move things around wherever you need them to go. If you do this, then you will be in good shape to keep things safe and make it easier for you to use the trailer hitch the way that you need to do.

Finally, make sure you do not use a hitch ball with a shank larger longer than 2-3/8″. This is something to do to make sure your hitch is set up the way that you need it to be.


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