How Mechanics for Foreign Cars Can Help You

The world continues to enjoy globalization, allowing everyone access to items made worldwide. This globalization has caused a surge in foreign cars, making foreign car mechanics more necessary than ever before. Mechanics for foreign cars have specialized skills that can be hard to find elsewhere. Most of these mechanics complete standard training and training for mechanic work and then specialize in foreign cars to learn the ins and outs of working on cars from other countries. There are several ways that mechanics with this specialty can help you.

Expertise in Foreign Cars

Mechanics for foreign cars that specialize in foreign cars have an extensive amount of knowledge regarding them. This includes how to complete basic repairs, such as brake repairs. Foreign mechanics can also understand more complicated jobs, such as collision repairs or evaluating the engine to determine the cause of a particular problem. Because these mechanics have a higher level of expertise, problems will get diagnosed quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money.

Own Specific Tools

There are several differences between tools for an American car and tools for a foreign car, and specialty mechanics know that. One key difference is that America still uses the Imperial measurement system. In contrast, many other countries use the metric system, so a general mechanic might struggle to find tools that fit for the most basic jobs like brake repairs. Mechanics for foreign cars also have diagnostic tools to diagnose problems accurately, and they know that every foreign car is different. For example, VW uses plenty of metric hex bolts while newer Mercedes use mainly tor and inverted torx. A specialty auto mechanic knows that and already has the tools to do the job.

Access to Genuine Parts

It doesn’t matter whether you need RV repair, semi truck engine repair, or a new oil cap; having access to genuine parts is critical for foreign vehicle owners. Using genuine parts ensures that they will fit properly. Parts that don’t fit properly will slowly wear away at seals and are likely to break down sooner. On the other hand, genuine parts will last longer, preserving the longevity of the part and your foreign vehicle. Mechanics for foreign cars know where to get genuine parts at.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest benefits of working with mechanics for foreign cars is peace of mind. You don’t have to wonder if a mechanic knows how to work on foreign cars or if they will spend days using a trial-and-error method to diagnose your car, which can be tedious and expensive. Instead, you’ll be able to drop your car off at the shop and trust that it will be repaired quickly and accurately. Then, you’ll hit the road confident that the repair will last. Peace of mind like that is priceless.

Cost Effective Mechanic Work

Most people assume that taking a car to a European auto mechanic will be costly. Typically, labor rates are higher than taking your car to a mechanic that doesn’t specialize in the future, leading to you spending more money short-term. However, because mechanics for foreign cars can diagnose problems and quickly understand the importance of genuine parts, you’ll save money in the long run. Vehicle owners won’t have to worry about a mechanic giving their foreign car the wrong diagnosis because they don’t understand foreign cars.

Diverse Range of Skills

When people think of foreign cars, they often think of a VW or Audi. However, a specialty mechanic has diverse skills that can help you with anything you need. They may be able to help you find new trailer tires or recommend you to a local shop that sells them. Mechanics for foreign cars can work on various vehicles, including rv repair or semi truck engine repair, in addition to standard mechanic jobs, such as brake repair. When a mechanic specializes in foreign vehicles, this expertise often includes vehicles of every shape and size.

Repairs After Accidents

After a car accident, most vehicles will need collision repairs. Collision repairs include looking at the bottom of the car to ensure that the vehicle is safe to drive. This includes checking areas where the car may have buckles to ensure it won’t break in the future, checking the suspension, tire alignment, and anything else necessary. After a comprehensive inspection, European auto mechanics will give you an approximate estimate for repairs and put you on the schedule to get your car back on the road.

Auto Body Repairs

Collision repairs don’t just involve working on the mechanics of the car. Typically, your car will have a few dents and dings that must also be taken care of. Paintless dent removal is a commonly requested service that involves popping the dent out without painting the car. However, paintless dent removal may not create a flawless appearance and tends to work best for small dents. Most European auto mechanics know how important your car’s appearance is to you, so they offer services like paintless dent removal to help you slowly ensure your car looks its best.

Painting Services

Car owners in an accident will need a new paint job. Car painting services involve using the latest technology to match a shade of paint to your existing color, ensuring that your car looks brand new instead like it was just in an accident. Foreign mechanics usually offer several other car painting services. They may paint a particular part for you or offer customized paint jobs to make your foreign car turn heads. Ask your local mechanic for foreign cars what car painting services they offer to determine if they can help you give your car the look you want.

Car Restoration

Classic car restoration service is necessary if you have a classic car in your garage. These services range from engine work and minor painting jobs to a complete classic car restoration service that will make your beat-up classic car look brand new again. Many mechanics also offer classic car repairs, so you don’t have to take your baby to a regular transmission repair shop. Instead, you can get every service you need in one place, from brake repair to a new paint job.

Routine Maintenance

Car owners that own a foreign car understand that it’s important to follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual or recommended by the manufacturer. An inexperienced mechanic may insist that the oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles, which is the general rule of thumb. However, a mechanic experienced in working on foreign cars knows that you usually only need an oil change every 10,000 miles if you have a VW. Mechanics will complete routine maintenance, such as tire rotation, oil changes, brake repairs, and inspections according to your vehicle needs.

Performance Enhancements

Most foreign car owners love upgrades to enhance the performance of their cars. This may include upgrades that increase horsepower, improve handling, or enhance the overall performance. Instead of taking your foreign car to a standard transmission repair shop for an exhaust upgrade, it’s essential to head to an experienced European auto mechanic. These mechanics see clients with foreign cars that want upgrades daily, giving them the experience and knowledge you want in a mechanic.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Customization options for foreign cars go far beyond increasing the torque. Cosmetic upgrades, such as new tires, rims, spoiler kits, an interior overhaul, and other things to increase the aesthetic appeal of your car, are extremely common. That’s why most mechanics working on foreign cars specialize in these areas or know someone that does. These upgrades can extend beyond your classic car, too. For example, you may want to customize your trailer tires to match your car to stand out on the way to car shows.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Purchasing a used car can save you thousands. However, if you wind up with a lemon, it can cost you so much money that you’ll wish you had purchased a new car. That’s why pre-purchase inspections are important. When booking an appointment for this inspection, ensure that you do so with a mechanic who knows your car’s specific make and model. A foreign car mechanic will know the general lifespan of the car and what problems to look for. They’ll also be able to check to see if routine maintenance is needed.

Preserve the Car’s Longevity

When you spend your hard-earned money on a beautiful car, you want it to last. Mechanics for foreign cars will ensure that your car lasts as long as possible. They only use genuine parts and fluids recommended for your specific car. Then, they will follow a routine maintenance schedule for your car instead of going by the usual schedule for domestic cars. Finally, they can give you plenty of tips and tricks to help your car look and drive like it’s new, such as parking in the shade to avoid faded paint.

Foreign Car Driving Tips

Parking in a shaded area isn’t the only thing you can do to help preserve your car’s longevity. Mechanics are full of driving tips. For example, maintaining a regular driving schedule is best for your car instead of leaving it to sit in a garage. Leaving a car to sit in the same location for too long can kill the battery, make tires dry rot, and more. Not overloading your car with too much weight is also essential while driving your foreign car. This can put too much pressure on the suspension, leading to costly repairs.

Exterior Paint Protection

Mechanics for foreign cars can help you learn how to protect the exterior of your car, too. For example, regular washing and waxing can help prolong the life of your paint job by preventing premature fading or damage to the clear coat. You’ll also need to promptly wash away anything that gets on your foreign car that can cause paint corrosion. This includes tree sap, bird droppings, and anything that spills on the vehicle.

Preventative Care is Crucial

Foreign car specialists understand the importance of preventative maintenance. They will ensure that regular maintenance checks are scheduled and give your car a complete inspection to spot problems before your car breaks down. While traditional mechanics do this, they often focus on the common problems of domestic cars, and foreign cars require specialized attention. Because of that, traditional mechanics are more likely to miss problems with foreign models. This is partially due to the lack of knowledge and expertise regarding foreign cars.

Warranty Protection Often Standard

Certified European auto mechanics often offer a service warranty. Many mechanics for foreign cars will ensure that a problem is properly diagnosed and repaired, guaranteeing that you won’t have to worry about your vehicle breaking down when you leave the shop. Warranties may extend to the auto parts placed on your car or even customizations, such as a spoiler kit. If a mechanic messes up on the job, they’ll fix the mistake for free.

Long-Lasting Relationships

It’s common for European auto mechanics in this specialized field to build long-term relationships with their clients. This means that your mechanic will always know your name and car, and they’ll know the car’s history. When an expert knows the history of your vehicle, they’ll be able to make a faster diagnosis. In addition to that, mechanics that build long-term relationships with clients are more likely to have superior customer service because they want you to return to their shop.

You wouldn’t take an RV that needs RV repairs on the engine to a local transmission repair shop, so why take a foreign car to a mechanic that only knows domestic cars? Instead, invest in specialized care for your foreign car to ensure that it lasts longer, gets the necessary maintenance and repairs, and that you can enjoy driving a car that doesn’t break down.

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