What to Expect From Commercial Truck Wraps

Business owners use commercial truck wraps to enhance their businesses. Here’s an in-depth look at the process.
Beginning Stages

The wrapping company will look at several pictures of the truck to figure out the appropriate design.

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The front and rear are the focal points.

Once business owners choose the design they’re looking for, the wrapping company should provide constant feedback during the process. Maintaining full transparency during the process prevents the company from performing revisions. Wrapping companies focus on using the appropriate colors and lettering.

Most wrapping companies will clean the vehicle before installing commercial truck wraps. They may also make some hardware changes if necessary to ensure that the wraps are installed properly. Installing commercial truck wraps differs from performing a direct color change.

The wrapping company seals commercial truck wraps and heats all the edges and other parts of the vehicle. Heating prevents the vinyl from peeling. Companies use tape and liquid seals.
Durable commercial truck wraps should last between six and eight years.

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